Hi JJ here, welcome to my web page! Thanks for stopping by and checking out my music.

I thought it would be cool to have my YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebok, Spotify, Apple Music all under one roof 😄 - so I hope you enjoy listening, viewing, dancing, streaming and rocking out to the songs 🤘

I'll make sure to frequently add lots of exlusive content onto here that you won't find anywhere else. Cheers!



From the label:

JJ Rivers is a singer-songwriter, composer and music producer from London, UK.

Having self-taught himself the guitar, bass, piano and drums during his teenage years, JJ furthered his love for music by writing orignal songs, composing music for commerical use, all the while honing the craft of music production - from recording, mixing to mastering in Pro Tools.

JJ is currently working on his latest music release which will be his first body of work as a solo artist.

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